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  Address the Room

Course Outline


Mal Williamson has delivered education & training for over 25 years in a wide range of settings from community workshops, secondary schools, FE and as a University lecturer for 15 years.


As well as teaching he coaches clients in creative industries, education & takes referrals from GPs & social services. These skills came together when he helped found Creator College in 2011 to discover new methods in education & artist development.

BA(Hons) Fine Art, CTP from Chartered Institute of Professional Development, Master Practitioner NLP, CBT, IEMT, Master Coach & author.

About Mal Williamson


Tired of teaching? Struggling to connect in the classroom?  What will this lead to if you don’t sort it now?


A 7-day online course featuring easy-to-digest 15min videos with comments and feedback from the course leader. Address the Room has been built to underpin classic curriculum delivery with expert classroom management and session strcture. This natural method harnesses communication psychology to more or less guarantee student engagement!


Mixing concepts from neuro-linguistics, arts & crafts and conversation analysis we have practiced the ADDRESS system at Creator College for 5 years - including taking 3 Level 1 students to University places offers in 6 months.


This works for experienced trainers and newbies alike. We aim to make your teaching life so much easier and effective with Ofsted-approved methodologies on which you can build - or save - your career. Enjoy your teaching!

call or text 07977 394 394

call or text 07977 394 394

call or text 07977 394 394

"The most useful training in over 20 years of teaching"

"I still use these techniques in every delivery"

Mark Luscombe - Education Consultant

Matt Smith - trainer for Price Waterhouse & Coopers

"I can go back to teaching now I know how to Address the Room"

Jon Keen - artist