• To be the best education a creator will have

Our logo

About us

Our mission

  • The meaning behind our logo was revealed in issue 01 of our online magazine Neurocreator
  • We offer a universal model of the creative process that is more accurate and useful than traditional myths and current metaphors
  • Research based on neuro-linguistics, neuroscience, General Semantics, Clean and related models of subjectivity
  • Applied in coaching, teaching and training work with creators at all levels of success
  • Our progress in applying therapeutic models has resulted in work for NHS mental health teams and social services as well as professional creators
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  • We have since refined some of these ideas and developed new tools for creators
  • The exploration and application is ongoing through educational practice as well as creative production
  • Our success with young people in education offers new ways to approach creative education programmes

Our volunteers

  • Soon after opening in 2011 we had requests to take on volunteers
  • Since then they have become integral to our mission
  • Volunteers get free training in Neurocreator and Address the Room
  • In return they work with the students and others to teach and support
  • Many volunteers move onto full time work and promotions
  • We are always interested to talk with people who wish to volunteer at Creator College

Our staff


Sally Acton - Director - College Co-Ordinatorator

  • Tutor
  • Administrator
  • IAG qualified


 Mal Williamson - Director - Head of Curriculumator

  • University lecturer
  • Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • film-maker
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Our operation

  • Social enterprise
  • Gratefully accepting donations of kit & resources
  • Open to volunteers & work placements
  • Events
  • Training
  • Online training & arts TV
  • Working with East Riding College, NHS Mental Health Trust, Hull City Council & many others